it’s been a tough week over here. getting back into the swing of work and daily responsibilities has been difficult (probably because of my attitude about it) and i really just want a vacation (retreat did not count).

and so i went to work this morning, pretty much kicking and screaming the whole way, just to arrive 30 minutes late. not the best start to the week. and while i was driving, i found myself thinking about all the other places i’d rather be. by the time i arrived to work, i was living somewhere else with a different job and fewer worries, where the grass is greener and the sky is brighter.

i realize (sometimes when it’s too late) that i tend to do this a lot when i’m not feeling super jazzed. it’s so easy to imagine how great life would be under different circumstances, where i magically become a professional in all the things i’ve ever wanted to do and i no longer have any struggles or tough times. and as much as i know this isn’t realistic and life just doesn’t work that way, it sure doesn’t stop me from spending hours in a day-dream. because sometimes day-dreaming seems way better than waking life.

but i’m trying really hard to let go of all those regrets and useless fantasies, and hold onto what matters. i want to follow my heart even when it’s so much easier to just give up and call it a day.

but sometimes it just feels like a super sucky monday.

so i’ve given myself one task today: find something, just one thing, that’s really great about this day.   …   so, off i go. i’m on the hunt.

hope your monday is better and filled with many great things.


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