Life Changes

I’ve started counting down the days to baby boy’s arrival (he should be here in two-ish months!), and it has finally hit me that I am so ready to meet this little guy–so much so that even my dreams revolve around this little one. He’s quite cute in my dreams.

But it’s taken me a while to actually start planning for his arrival because frankly, it’s crazy to envision coming home with a baby! As a person who likes to replay and overanalyze how I picture something will happen and how I think I’ll feel about a certain event, I have found it impossible to truly imagine how it’s going to feel to hold my child. I don’t think anything can prepare a person for that.

Despite feeling overwhelmed, stressed and just downright tired most of the time, I’m basking in the knowledge that this is will be the biggest, most wonderful thing that will ever happen to me. And yes, it’s a tad terrifying, too. But I’m just so excited to welcome our little guy into the world.

I have to remind myself to enjoy the last few months with just me and J because life will no longer be the same after we become a threesome. But how amazing is that?!

Thank you for all the sweet words about our next big adventure. We are so excited.


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