hi, again!

i’ve been wanting and meaning to start blogging again, but it’s been a busy few weeks with a new baby. but as i continue to watch our new little addition grow and change each day, i know i want to make sure i’m documenting those moments. so this space will be a place for me to do just that.

it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost seven weeks since j and i welcomed our little guy into the world. these last few weeks have been filled with an array of emotions — emotions that i didn’t know existed. i certainly never knew a little being could steal my heart so quickly.


this photo if from the day Ro was born. since then, he’s gained almost four pounds (!) and grown over an inch. his head is partly covered by a small tuft of hair that looks remarkably close to a baby mohawk. he’s holding that little head up and looking around with the cutest, curious face. he’s starting to babble and smile more and more, and opening his big blue eyes as wide as they can go.

here are some of my favorite photos from the last few weeks.

DSC_0189          out


DSC_0299     DSC_0598                                  (^Ro loves music. the piano instantly calms him.)


IMG_3506    IMG_3502                                (^afternoon strolls, and afternoon snuggles.)


  (^and afternoon naps, too!)


 (^he loves the bath and getting his feet rubbed. such a spa baby.)

 DSC_0437   (<and the cutest baby faces.)


 so happy you’re ours, Ro.



2 thoughts on “hi, again!

  1. He emanates mindfulness all ready! What a charmer. I love the love in this window into your world. Blessed sharing! stay well lovelies!

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