A New Year


Happy 2015! We rang in the new year at home, taking time to reflect on 2014 and set intentions for the new year. It was a quiet evening, and we didn’t make it to midnight. We knew better than to attempt that with a baby who would be up early either way.

Overall, 2014 was a good year. It was a year where I felt immense joy and experienced this pure, uncontrollable love that I never knew existed. But it was also one of the most challenging years for me. It was one of those years that really made me examine who I want to be — someone more patient and kind, someone who loves above all else — and start making steps to get to a point where I can embody those qualities more fully. I think I started that journey, but it’s one I’ll be continuing in this new year, and the years to come.

In some ways, 2015 feels like a year of the unknown. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming days, and as I’ve written before, I’ve never done too well with uncertainty and transition. But I’m trying to relinquish control and to accept the new year, and all it’s joys and challenges, with an open heart.

I hope 2015 is the year I learn to better let go of the past and to hold less tightly to those things that are weighing me down. I intend to be more positive and to choose to see the good in every situation. I want to learn to better cherish the little moments, and to always be thankful at the end of the day.

Here’s to a new year with new intentions.



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