Happy Tuesday!


DSC_1030The  sun is peaking through the window while I’m drinking my morning tea and my heart is full. That stubborn impatience has waned and lately I’ve been filled with a sense of gratitude.

I ran for the first time this weekend in probably close to two weeks and it was as if my head cleared and I could breath deeply again. All those sleepless nights and long days seemed more manageable, and I felt thankful for legs that can move, for a mom willing to come help me clean the house, and for extra family time this weekend. I’m still shocked sometimes at the power of exercise [reminder to self].

I’m also feeling so incredibly thankful for this sweet child of mine, and have decided this may be my new favorite age. At almost 10 months, Ro is developing the sweetest little personality and the funniest sense of humor. I always think that there’s no way I could possibly love him more, but each day I feel like my heart’s going to burst and I think I somehow manage to fall a little deeper in love. Each morning, he wakes up asking to make tea and continues to ask throughout the day. “Tea?” “Tea?” he says. I would be upset that he’s saying “tea” and not “mama,” but it’s just too cute. So we make tea at least 5 times a day. And then he smiles this sweet little smile, and my heart bursts all over again.

Grateful. So incredibly grateful.



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