my new favorite age


As I mentioned in my last post, Ro just turned 11 months old and I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite age. He’s babblig all day and making those very serious (or funny) facial expressions while doing it, like he’s really trying to tell me something. He’s giving me kisses and snuggles spontaneously throughout the day — and those are, by far, the best. He’s very good at letting me know when he does or doesn’t like something. And I just love seeing his little personality develop more and more; I truly like the little guy.

Our house has changed a lot too since he finally gained that needed confidence to start officially walking. He had been walking with someone holding one hand for a couple of months now, so we knew he was getting close. But I think being so close to that big development was frustrating for him because he really just wanted to be doing it by himself. And now that he is, he just seems much happier, and honestly, it makes my days easier. Plus I love seeing him wobbling around, arms flapping, while letting out those sweet baby squeals. He also loves grabbing anything he can find to carry along with him on his journeys (like the milk carton in the photo above), and I think it’s pretty cute.

I kind of want to freeze this stage, and he can just stay 11 months forever (or at least for a little while).




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