moving + unpacking

We moved this past weekend, and it was a long ordeal. I always forget how exhausting and unfun moving is, and then you’re stuck with a new house full of boxes and chaos (or at least that’s the case with us). We downsized, which I actually find nice, but we still have too much stuff for our new, smaller space. And it’s currently driving us all crazy (except for Rowan, who seems thrilled by the chaos and all the boxes he can get into).

The stress of moving and the mess of all the boxes everywhere has gotten me in a mood this week. You know that occurance when all the clutter makes your mind feel cluttered, too? But despite all that, I’m excited for a new -ish city, new adventures, and new ways of living. One thing we want to do more of is family bike rides. We got new gear and are ready to start exploring the city on two wheels. I’ve never been a big biker, but I think I might really like it.

Hopefully we’ll start settling more into this new house and finding places for all the things currently scattered about. More importantly though, I’m looking forward to trying out the local yoga studios, the new restaurants in town, and finding some community acitivites for myself, and the three of us. I’m hoping this summer will be revitalizing on many levels.

One thing I know for sure, I’m so thankful for this family and this sweet sweet boy mine. He makes me want to be a better mama and a better person everyday (even if everything’s totally chaotic).

Happy almost summer! xx.


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